Visitor reviews

Croz M. San Francisco, CA

I walked into this building without any notice to the volunteer hoping to find a little bit of information on my family and was overwhelmingly surprised by the warm and wonderful welcome by the volunteer there (Mrs Matthews I believe). She showed me around the center, found information on my family and knew who to call to help give me more information on my family.

Overall I was amazed at how genuine and wonderful the people are. It really is small town America where everyone knows your name and gives you a giant smile as you drive in. It has had some good times and it’s not so great times but it is worth a stop. The shops might not be open late and the glitz and glamour is over in Newport, but you will find some really nice people willing to stay open later to make you a BLT, to show you around the city and have more than small talk as you pass by. Definitely worth a walk in the town down Main Street, past all the beautiful Victorians and take a minute to sit at the one of many city benches throughout the town. This isn’t a place you rush through, you come, you sit and you enjoy the peace and quiet that is Toledo, Oregon. And the best place to start is the historical center that has over 100 years of Toledo history in it.